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How To Become A Nursery Assistant

How To Become A Nursery Assistant

In this video, you will learn about some of the basic qualifications and expectations for the various positions available in a child care nursery in the U.K.

Hi, I'm Suzie Butler and I work for Career Teachers Educational Group, a firm based in London in the U.K. I've been a teacher for the last ten years and now ,I work with the training department to train all their teachers.

How to become a nursery assistant Well, there are loads of options if you're thinking about working in a nursery. Nurseries across the UK basically look after children from any age, from really from birth or six weeks up to the age of five. Commonly, school nurseries really only accept children from three years and above, and to work as a nursery assistant in a school nursery is usually really preferential because of the hours.

Most privately run or community nurseries operate daily hours from about eight in the morning to six in the evening so it is quite a long day and there's a lot of options perhaps with different jobs you can take as to the hours that you work. You're generally going to be asked to be caring for those children on a daily basis and be providing activities and stimulating learning for them certainly within line with the earliest foundation stage. In order to work as a nursery assistant, there aren't again any specific qualifications that you need but generally, nurseries these days will look for you to have a level two qualification and if you look at any further education college in their child care department, they will tell you about the courses that they offer in the local area that you're looking at.

Perhaps over time once you've worked as a nursery assistant, you may want to gain further qualifications and actually become a nursery nurse where you take on a little bit more responsibility. To work as a nursery nurse, you must have a level three qualification and then from there, you may become a nursery manager or even take a job and become a nursery teacher. So, there's lots of options available and to work as a nursery assistant and hopefully, that's given you a few clues as a start of how to become a nursery assistant .