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How To Become A Primary School Teacher

How To Become A Primary School Teacher

To be a primary school teacher, you must have some knowledge on every single subject in the curriculum. But before you can cover all those things, you must have the necessary qualifications such as GCSC in English, Math and Science.

How to become a primary school teacher? Well, we all know what primary school teachers are like because pretty much everyone has been to school. So, you will tend to have an idea but primary teaching is quite a difficult profession. Firstly, you're going to be teaching every single subject in the curriculum so your qualification would cover all those things.

There are lots and lots of fun to be handled and also lots and lots of hard work. So, the key things that you are going to need in order to become a primary school teacher is GCSC in English, Math and Science, and you need that grade C or above. You must have a degree and there are lots and lots of courses open for primary teaching itself.

These days, they are quite competitive so it's always good to have gained perhaps some experience working with children prior to applying for a primary degree course. Some primary degree courses are three years and some are four. Some offer you the option of potentially attaching a subject to do it so you might become a primary teacher with music or English for example and then you usually do a sort of balance of your subject and teaching itself.

All of the courses will take you through the theory of teaching and also plenty of practices so you will actually be out working in schools with the children in the classroom with a qualified teacher working alongside you and that's really a pretty simple way to them. Potentially, you may have chosen to become a teacher a bit later down the line so you may already have a degree and in which case, you could look to do a postgraduate certificate of education, PGCE. Again for primary teaching, these are quite competitive so getting some experience behind you is really going to help.

Again, PGCE is one year and that will give you all the theory as well as practices to work through and then it's just a case of finding a job. You can look on our video about finding teaching jobs to help you with that one and that's how to become a primary school teacher. .