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How To Become A Psychotherapist

How To Become A Psychotherapist

This video explains the difference between Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists, and provides some useful information about how to become a Psychotherapist.

I'm Dr. Eldad Farhy. I'm a Counselling and Therapeutic Psychologist, I run psychologyexpert.

co.uk, and today I will be talking about psychology. To become a Psychotherapist, one would train in a specific psychotherapy.

Let me explain. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has taken additional training in the treatment of mental health issues. A Psychologist is someone who has studied the mind, that is the psyche, usually at an academic institution.

A Psychotherapist is an individual, not necessarily a Psychologist or Psychiatrist, who has studied a particular type of psychotherapy and knows how to deliver its interventions. Often, Psychotherapists are Psychologists or Psychiatrists who have taken this additional training. In other cases, there might be people without that type of preparation.

They are usually graduates, but not necessarily of the study of the human mind, who have taken that particular training. There is a saying in my profession that says there are as many psychotherapies as there are cheeses in France. However, in the same way, as there are really only about 6 or 7 main types of cheese, there's really only 6 or 7 main types of psychotherapy, and there's hundreds, literally, varieties of those.

In order to become a Psychotherapist, one would choose which school of psychotherapy to follow and train. The training varies enormously. If you follow the old, classic Freudian type of psychotherapy, you probably would need several years of training, and the demands would be quite considerable.

In past years, you would have had to have been a psychiatrist. Today, they might be willing to consider if you were a psychologist. In other psychotherapies, the demands are more lax, and the period of training can be as short as several months.

So before you go and choose a Psychotherapist, make sure they had been trained in what I would call a reputable sort of psychotherapy. .