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How To Become A Victoria's Secret Model

How To Become A Victoria's Secret Model

How to become a Victoria's Secret Model: Victoria's Secret models are well known for being very attractive and feminine-looking. In this two minute tutorial, we show you how to become a Victoria's Secret model from a modelling agency's perspective.

Hi, my name is Reene Barca, and I work at INN model agency. I'm going to speak to you about how the modelling industry works. I'm going to explain to you how to be a Victoria's Secret model.

The first thing about being a Victoria's Secret model is obviously, you need to have the Victoria's Secret look. And this can range into anything but in most cases, it's usually the same. They like girls who are over 5'7 but not too tall, so usually 5' 7" to 5' 10".

The girls need to be quite slender but still womanly-like. That means they want the girls to have curves. Usually, we take on girls for Victoria's Secret models to be at least a 34 C bust and a bit bigger, but too big, we don't like either, so therefore it's between 34 C and to maybe 32 DD.

We like the waist measurements to be about 24 inches, and the hip measurements to be about 34 inches. We like the girls to have long hair to be a Victoria's Secret model as well as it's quite lady like and very feminine. Obviously, if you have short hair, it might work against you but in most cases, it's better to have longer hair because of course, they can do a lot more things with it on set.

Here is a model that we have used for Victoria's Secret campaigns in the past. She has the typical look of a Victoria's Secret model and she's probably one of our most successful girls. She's very tall and slim, and she has a good cleavage size, she's not hugely busted but she's got a nice cleavage size.

As you can see from the pictures here on the back, she's got a lot of experience in swimwear and fashion type modelling. These always help as well, because these sort of pictures that Victoria's Secret top companies like to look at when we're suggesting them for those sorts of companies. The girls also need to be very attractive and very feminine-looking; they're the two major things they ask for when it comes to Victoria's Secret models. .