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How To Become An Immigration Officer

How To Become An Immigration Officer

Sherridan Hughes talks about how to become an immigration officer

Hello I'm Sherridan Hughes. I'm a career consultant with career analysts. I'm going to talk to you today about how to get into various careers.

I'm going to talk to you about how to become an immigration officer. Immigration officers work for the border agency which enforces the immigration and customs regulation and controls, protects the UK border and controls migration. So they would be people that you will see in passport control, checking documents of the people arriving in the country.

So they're going to be working in the ports and the airports and they will be wearing a uniform. Immigration officers don't need to have full qualifications, but they do sometime. It's fine people undergraduate fast track in civil service will actually be placed in the border agency so that they can enter in that way.

But, most people will simply go through the normal civil service assessment and selection procedures. Immigration officers are responsible for checking documentation and for making sure that the people arriving are legally entitled to be in the country. So they will be looking at these working permits and study visas, etc.

They will also be working on various cases and actually perhaps undertaking surveillance and investigative procedures. So if you look on their website you'll find lost and found if it's solved, sham marriages being uncovered or illegal immigrants found hidden in trucks or working in various businesses and establishments. It's the job of the immigration officers to find these people instantly.

So they will need to have sensitivity and good people skills and perhaps vigilance. But, there will also at times need to be firm and either get people to be deported voluntarily or forcefully. So that is how to become an immigration officer.