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How To Become Model Thin

How To Become Model Thin

To get a model thin body, the best way is always to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and regular exercises in the form of Pilates and yoga and also dancing.

Hi. My name is Renee Barca. I work at IMM Model Agency.

I'm going to speak to you about how the modelling industry works. I'm going to explain to you how to get model thin. A lot of people think to be model thin, you need to starve yourself or have very poor eating habit.

This is not true. I usually say to girls who are too thin that they can't join our agency. There's nothing nice about seeing people's ribs or hip bones popping out, which is why I always say to people, 'if you want to be more thin, you need to do it the healthy way'.

The only way to do this is through healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and exercising. A good model's body is somebody who's quite toned but still quite thin. The best way to achieve this is through Pilates or through Yoga.

These form of exercises give you the nice tone you need but they don't bulk you up, which therefore doesn't give you the real fitness looking body that more of a model thin type, more of a model thin body. Another great form of exercise for loosing all this weight is dancing. A lot of models in our books are dancers and as a result their bodies are fantastic.

They're very slender, very thin but still have that great tone and shape that we want our models to have. As I mentioned earlier, sticking out ribs and hip bones are not attractive and people don't want to book models that look like that. In the fashion level, it's a little bit different.

They do want weight thin models and as a result, these models need to eat very healthily and eats lot of food that doesn't have much fat in it. That's getting thin body. A lot of weight thin models naturally have these bodies so no matter how much exercise or healthy eating you do, you may not be able to achieve that body.

This is why sometimes fashion agencies only have a select few girls that they use because obviously, they have that look they're after. Weight thin models have become a fashion statement at the moment. Gradually within time, do you think this kind of look will fade out and more healthy looking women will come in? So please don't feel that you need to be ridiculously skinny to become a model because this isn't true.

Through healthy eating, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise through pilates and yoga, you should be able to get a model thin body. .