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How To Begin Any Crocheting Project

How To Begin Any Crocheting Project

Learn the right way to start any crocheting project with this helpful and useful video.

Step 1: Crocheting.

All crocheting is started with a slipknot, putting the thread over your finger, and putting a loop through, then putting it onto your hook. Your yarn is over your hand, over your finger, and controlled by your small finger. To start, you need to do chains, either one chain, two chains or more, depending on what you're going to do.

Step 2: Method.

Putting your hook underneath your thread, and putting your loop through, and there's one chain. There's your second, third, and fourth. For this project, I am going to make a circle, putting my hook through the first chain, underneath my yarn and putting it through both hooks. Both loops -- oops, see? We gotta do that again. And pulling another chain. Then we're going to insert our hook into the center ring, pulling one loop through underneath our yarn and pulling through both loops.

Step 3: Done.

And this is a double crochet. Again, insert your hook into the center, pulling one loop through, and under the yarn, and pulling two loops through. OK.