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How To Begin Breeding Rabbits

How To Begin Breeding Rabbits

Are you thinking of breeding your own rabbits? This video by Jumanji Pets will get you on your way.

How to begin breeding rabbits? Now, the first question you want to ask yourself is, “Why are you breeding them?” There are so many rabbits in pet stores. There are enough breeders breeding rabbits and there is definitely enough in rescue homes. If you do decide that you do want to breed your rabbit, make sure they are from two different litters and they are not from the same parents as you will be interbreeding them which can cause problems.

Before you even think about breeding them, you have homes ready for the babies to go to. Now, do you know what you are doing? Have you done this before? Have you done enough research? Make sure you are one hundred percent confident before you do start to breed the rabbits. The mum and dad should be at least one year of age before they even start to breed.

What you need to do is everything that is normal. Keep that cage nice and clean, plenty of straw and hay, plenty of their pellet food. Make sure they have plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet, at least three to four times a week.

A lot of people and veterinary places would advise you to feed the mother on baby rabbit food which has a lot more protein in it. Once your male and female rabbit are getting along, nature will take its course. You will find they will breed straight away.

It is second nature with those rabbits. Before you even think about breeding your rabbits, make sure you know the history so you can pass on the information to the new owners. You want to make sure there are no health issues with your rabbits or your rabbit's babies.

So, make sure you have enough information and you are knowledgeable so you can pass on that information to the new owners. Breeding rabbits is very time consuming. It is a lot of work.

It is not very profitable. It is something I advise you to go into with a lot of caution. If a rabbit does decide to give birth, leave her to it.

You will find that she does everything on her own. She will clean up her babies by herself. Please do not go and touch the babies.

Let them rest. You will find she will only go to see the babies once a day. This is very normal and you will find she has long feeding intervals with them.

Please do not go anywhere near the rabbits until they are at least six weeks. At that age, you will see them. They will totally open their eyes and they are running around and eating on their own.

If you do disturb the babies too early, you may be doing more damage than you think. Please undertake advice from professionals before you even think about breeding. Make sure you know everything there is to know before you start.

And that is how to begin breeding rabbits. I am sure you have got plenty more questions. Either contact your local vet or give us a call if so. .