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How To Begin Painting Glass Ornaments

How To Begin Painting Glass Ornaments

This is another cool glass painting design and technique.

Hello, my name's Kevin Shenton. I'm the UK manager of Marabu Creative. We've managed to put together a range of videos showing all aspects of fabric, textile painting along with glass painting and porcelain painting.

Okay, we're going to decorate today a glass vase. This vase, we've just picked up from a major retailer with a number of stores. I think they come from Sweden.

But basically, it's a glass vase and we want to put our own glass painting design. We're going to use one of the Marabu designs. This is, again, free within one of our kits and we're going to cut out the design, part of which I've done already.

They are two flower designs on the bottom of this and we're going to adhere this inside the vase. I'll hand it over to Chrissie who's actually going to do the dexterous bit of work, and basically a bit of masking to hold the image inside. This allows us to work from the inside out and makes it very easy to trace around the design to give you your own design.

Now, these designs, you can literally get from the internet, you can get them free of charge from Marabu's website, go on to Marabu's creative website which is marabu dot co dot uk, and the fun ideas and tips are available free of charge. And on this one today, we're going to use one of Marabu's new glass painter pens and these pens are quite a new product for us. We've known this one in the last year and it makes glass painting a lot easier because they literally do work as a pen.

I'll hand it over to Chrissie, and what colour are you going to start with, Chrissie? Chrissie's going to start with her favourite colour pink, girly pink. Again, these are water-based glass painter pens. The same glass paints are in them.

They're ideal for the dishwasher when supplied but I would let Chrissie go on now to do the outline. She's adhered the image inside the vase and now we're going to use the outline with the glass painter pen to decorate the vase. Right, we're now going to do the outline.

This outline, we've chosen from one of the free designs and again, see how easy the pen applies. They literally do work like a normal traditional felt pen but they have glass paint in, a wonderful invention from Marabu, and again, they nib, they break easily or come away easily. What you do is just run that through and put it back in here.

It allows to give you the painting tip to work with as Chrissie's doing and Chrissie's going around the outline of the pen. How they work is first get them. There's a seal on top of it.

You open it up, push the pen down to get the ink and then apply very easily as if you're applying with the felt pen. When you're working with them or after you're working with them, this area, we've got that ready for use because Chrissie is going to use them when we're keeping the ink falling straight to the nib. When you store them, please store them horizontally because not only will it give you extra life, it will give you more ongoing benefits and the other thing to do is obviously if you are working, a wet wipe, a damp cloth just keeps your nib clean while you're working.

And very easily, Chrissie is now developing her own design using one of the Marabu designs but actually doing her freehand work. But again if you feel comfortable, these pens are literally like working with a traditional felt pen with glass paints in. Very translucent.

If you would want to go and use this on a wineglass or an area which you're going to wash with the dishwasher, you would bake these after you're done. It may sound strange but you'd bake this from a cold oven, nothing from a cold oven to 150 degrees C and bake it for 30 minutes. A temperature that warm will make it dishwasher proof and dishwasher safe and then you got an ideal decorated item.

I think Chrissie's finished the outline of the design with the pink and she's going to go on and do some embellishment now with a purple within the Marabu glass painting range. These glass pai