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How To Begin Raising Quail

How To Begin Raising Quail

Quail lovers for centuries have always enjoyed its fresh juicy succulent taste especially when it is slowed cooked to perfection. Some have even taken up the hobby of raising these birds themselves. To understand how to successfully raise quails, watch this short three-minute video and raise your own quails in your own time.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from Welwynquail.com, and today I am going to talk to you about quails. How to begin to keep quails, you need three things, eggs, incubator or the breeders themselves.

How to get the eggs. The best thing to do if you can, is to buy eggs from a non breeders, who can give you fresh eggs, which if they are kept properly, you have a better chance of fertility, because if the eggs that you buy are older than fifteen days the fertility goes down drastically. The second way to buy eggs is from the internet, EBay, where you can buy different types of quail eggs.

But when you buy the eggs from the internet, you do not know how old they are, how fresh they are or how fertile. It is like the lottery. You can buy the eggs and you can have fertile eggs or you can buy eggs and they are all clear.

So the best thing to my advice is to go to a non breeder and buy the eggs from him and he certainly will give you fresh eggs so that you can use your incubator. Incubators, you have got the top end and the bottom end of incubators. The top end is very expensive and very reliable and the bottom end is cheaper and not so reliable.

What are important in incubator are the temperatures and the humidity. The problem with the bottom end of the incubator is sometimes the temperature can float and the variation from one temperature to another can be more or two degrees and that is that is very bad for the embryo that is developing in the shell of the egg and often it can die. So it is very important to try to get a brand that is more reliable than others.

I personally use from the bottom end which is well made reliable and affordable. You don't have to buy brand new incubators you can buy second hand, and on this there are various bird merchants where you can go. To get breeders' quails, the best thing to do is to look around, ask advise from pet shop or local merchants or someone that keeps birds in general, that will certainly, someone locally that breeds quails, and go there and try to buy one male and preferable and two, three females, because one male can cover the females and make sure that the eggs that you get are fertile.

How is the best way to find out about breeders? As I said before, you can go to local pet shops, garden centers, or certainly if you know someone that keeps poultry in your area. Ask them if they know anyone and the best thing to do is to find a breeder that people will recommend. In failing that, you can always go on the internet, do a search for quail, and see how many web site you can find and if they sell birds, where they are located, and this is how to begin to raise quails. .