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How To Bench Press More Weight

How To Bench Press More Weight

Bench pressing is a great way to build up strength in the upper body. If done properly, you can be bench pressing a couple times a week. Learn how to bench press more through this short and simple how-to video.

In this video, I'm going to talk to you about how to bench press more weight. Bench press is a fantastic exercise for bulking up and strengthening your upper body, in particular, your chest, your pectoral major, triceps, back of the arms and also the deltoids, the front middle part of your shoulders. Also, when you are bench pressing, the core also works and strengthens.

So, first of all, I'm going to remind you of correct technique. So, I'm at the end of the bench, feet firmly on the ground. Lay back.

Shoulders back. Also, lower back laid down to the ground. My hands come up quite wide, maybe a bit wider than shoulder width.

Lift up, bring it down to your chest, the midline of your chest, going up and finishing above your mouth. It's a controlled movement. In terms of breathing, I breathe out as I push up.

Now, in terms of getting heavier, what is really important is that you choose the right repetition range, or rep range is as it's known. If I'm doing a weight and I can do it more than ten times, you're not going to get bigger. You have to choose a weight you can just about do for five or six times but can't do for more than ten or eleven times.

So, I'd recommend going heavy and having a spotter. A spotter is someone who stands behind there and they're kind of like a safety net in case it's too heavy, they can help push up. We're going to demonstrate that now.

So you see there, the first two reps were quite easy. The third rep I was struggling, so Neil helped me and together we lifted the bar up. So as mentioned earlier, in terms of reps, somewhere between five and ten reps.

Always have someone behind you helping out if you need it. Now in terms of sets, I'd recommend three to four sets, really pushing yourself hard. In terms of how often you can train, you always need a day or two to recover after you do weight training to let your muscles kind of break up and build up stronger.

So, as a beginner, twice a week. When you get more advanced, maybe you can press three to four times a week. Another consideration, you very well have a strong chest and arms but if you don't work your back and back of your arms, then you're going to be imbalanced.

So, always remember to work front and work back together. And that's how to bench press more weight. .