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How To: Bending Conduit

How To: Bending Conduit

Videojug provide a useful tutorial which enables you to understand the technique of bending a conduit in a rectangle shape. Its easy if you follow these simple steps.

Today I am going to show you how to bend a piece of plastic conduit. We need a bending spring and some plastic conduit. Mark on the plastic conduit where it is that you want to make the bend.

Mark all the way around the conduit. It’s always advisable to tie a cable at the end of the spring because with a long piece of conduit you can easily take the spring back out.

You press the spring into the conduit. And then you just warm the conduit.

Warm it in your hands by rubbing it then you bend the conduit around the knee. Now once it starts to bend the conduit will stay in place.

You need to bend it slightly more than the intended shape. As you can see when I let it go it starts to return to its’ original shape. This will come out into a nice rectangle.

And so there you go .You have a nice rectangular bend.