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How To Bet On The Tote

How To Bet On The Tote

VideoJug gives you a guide to betting on the tote, showing you all the tips you need to bet on the tote.

Step 1: What is betting on the tote?

Betting on the Tote is a great way to get into horse racing. All money bet on the horses in a race goes into a 'pool' and following the race, this pool is shared out amongst all those who have placed winning bets. All profits from the Tote go back into racing so it's a good way of placing a bet and helping the sport.

Step 2: The Odds

Unlike betting with a bookie, the horses are not given odds and how much you win will entirely depend on how much you bet and how many people have placed a bet on the same horse as you.

Step 3: Pick your horse

Have a look at which horses have been the most popular with other punters. If you're new to betting you'll probably be more successful if you go with the crowd. By backing a popular choice your winnings may be smaller but you will be more likely to win in the first place. For an in depth guide to picking a horse see VideoJug's ' How to spot a winning horse'.

Step 4: Placing the bet

Placing a bet with the Tote is simple, go to any kiosk and state the race number, the number of your chosen horse, the bet type and the amount you wish to stake. The cashier will then give you a ticket with the details of your bet; this ticket is important and will need to be presented to collect any winnings.

The final dividend will only be know once the pool closes at the beginning of the race and not further bets can be taken.

Step 5: Choosing your bet

There are a number of different options when placing a Tote bet that are similar but in some cases not identical to betting with a bookie. The main choices are a bet to win in which you only get winnings if your chosen horse passes the post first. A bet to be placed in which your horse needs to finish first or second in a race of five, six or seven runners, or first, second, third in a race with more than 8 runners. If there are more than 16 runners as there usually are in the Grand National then a fourth place will also provide winnings. This is the equivalent of an 'each-way' bet with a bookie.

Step 6: Pick a good view point

As soon as your bet is in go and find a good vantage point to view the race from. By the rails is the most exciting but in the grandstand will give you a better view of the whole track.

Step 7: Your winnings

If your horse is a winner after the race you will be given a percentage of the final pool of money. Your share is determined by the percentage of the total bets that was represented by your bet. Good luck