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How To Bet With A Bookie At A Racecourse

How To Bet With A Bookie At A Racecourse

How to bet with a bookie: Here is a guide to betting with a bookie when at a racecourse. Follow VideoJug's tips for betting with a bookie and good luck!

Step 1: Get there early

By getting there early you'll be able to soak up the atmosphere and have the opportunity to mingle with hardend race fans who can be great guides to which horses are looking good on the day.

Step 2: Find a bookie

Take some time to shop around and check the odds that each of the bookies are offering as they may vary.

Step 3: Choosing your bet

The two main types of bet are a bet to win and a bet each-way. A bet to win means just that: your horse has to come in first for you to get a pay out. A bet each-way costs more as it constitutes two bets; one to win, and one to be placed. But your odds are increased that you'll win some money.

Step 4: When to place your bet

This is a tricky decision. In order to have the maximum amount of information about your choice and his condition you need to wait until the canter past but you risk missing out on the best odds and a good vantage point.

Step 5: Placing your bet

Approach the bookie and tell him your stake, your horse and the type of bet you want to place. He will then tell his clerk who will give you a printed ticket stating the horse, price, stake and potential winnings on the bet. Keep your ticket as it's your receipt for the transaction.

Step 6: Starting Price

By the time the race starts the odds on your horse winning my have fluxuated but your bookie will still pay out on the basis of the odds as they were when you placed the bet. If the odds at the start of the race are shorter than when you placed them then you are said to have 'beaten the book'.

Step 7: Collecting

Nothing is finalised until after the weigh in so don't tear up any apparently losing slips until after the results are confirmed.