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How To Blanket Stitch

How To Blanket Stitch

Blanket stitches giving you a headache? Follow these simple results for perfect results every time!

Hi I'm Ros and I'm the owner of Sew Much Fun where I like to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for sewing. I'm going to show you how to do blanket stitch. Now we use blanket stitch either a decorative stitch when we do embroidery or when we want to make a nice edge on the end of a piece of fabric.

Hence the word and the name blanket stitch. So, again, you're often using embroidery threads, a nice thick thread that's split into two. So we're using three threads at a time and what we need to do is to get the thread coming out the bottom, like that.

And then we're going to put a needle in there, nice and evenly and nice and. at right angles at the edge of your blanket stitching. And again you just keep your threads wrapped around. Let me just show you that again.

Put the needle in there, then it'll come up there and then you're wrapping your thread around. So that's how you get your blanket stitch edge. So again, we're putting our needle here, coming out there, and we're wrapping our other thread around that so the thread wraps around.

It basically gives an edge to the wool edge that your blanket stitches.You wouldn't blanket stitch an edge that has been frayed. You would really only blanket stitch an edge that is already like, something like felt, or blanket fabric or fleece, something that's not going to fray away, but has a nice edge to it.

And you just use it like that. And just bring some felt under. It's all about keeping the thread in the right position and wrapping this around where's your making a mistake. So this is how you do a blanket stitch