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How To Bleach Hair Platinum Blonde

How To Bleach Hair Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair is a staple of the fashion community, and Elizabeth of Color Nation shows you that it's easy to achieve this color in just one salon visit.

Today, I'm going to be creating platinum blonde hair. I'm going to be using scalp bleach, and with some peroxide, and using a temp brush, I'm going to apply the scalp bleach to the hair. You have just got to make sure that you evenly apply it to the scalp, making sure that it is a fit coverage over the hair.

Now that we've covered the whole hair, we're going to process it and let the color develop. Halfway through developing time, we're going to go through and check. As we apply the bleach and we process it under the heat, bleach will swell, leaving gaps in the hair.

We need to make sure that we go back through and cover the gaps otherwise the color won't develop in those areas. I've developed this bleach for fifteen minutes, so now I'm going to make sure I go over and reapply the bleach, just to make sure there's an even coverage all over, as bleach tends to swell when it's put under heat. I've now finished the second application, so I'm going to put Bucky back underneath the heat for another fifteen minutes to process the color some more.

I've now bleached the hair, and we're at a blonde platinum stage, and Bucky would like to go silver, so I'm now going to apply color touch silver tone to the hair which is very instant, so I will apply it quickly and then rinse it back off at the basin, and shampoo and condition the hair. Once you've applied the toner, and you've left it to set for a minute, we need to have a check and see whether the tone has developed, you want the hair to look like so, and you can see if the color has come out how you would like it to. Once you've done that, you can shampoo the hair at the basin, and then condition.

I let the toner sit at the basin, I rinsed it off, shampooed and conditioned it, and then blow-dried it and applied some macadamia oil. This is how you achieve platinum blonde hair. .