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How To Block Pop-Ups

How To Block Pop-Ups

Internet Browsers have finally cottoned on to the fact that we don't want to be hounded by pop ups all the time so all the up to date versions contain a pop up blocker. Here are the steps if you want to change how your browser handles pop ups.

Step 1: Using Internet Explorer 6.0

Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools drop down menu and select Internet Options. Click on the privacy tab. At the bottom of the tab, you can choose whether you want to block pops up or not. For more options, click on Settings. Here you can choose to allow pop ups from particular sites or disable sounds or information bars when pop ups are blocked.

Step 2: Using Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox. Open the Tools menu and click Options. Click on the Content tab at the top of the window. By default, Block pop up windows will already be checked. To disable pop ups, untick the box. To allow pop ups from certain sites, click on exceptions and type in the exact address and click allow. Click OK and OK.

Step 3: Using Opera

Open Opera. Open the Tools menu. Choose Quick Preferences. Within this menu, you can choose to open all pop ups, open pop ups in background or block pop ups.

Step 4: Third Party Programs

There are a number of third party programs that can be downloaded to prevent pop ups. This includes the google toolbar - which includes a free popup blocker, and Smasher - www.popupstop.com and PopUp Cop - www.popupcop.com.