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How To Blow Dry Black Hair

How To Blow Dry Black Hair

It can be tricky to blow dry relaxed hair and get the roots straight. Watch this VideoJug film for professional beauty tips that will have you blow drying effortlessly!

Hi, my name's Lauralyn Clinton from the Braiding Lounge Academy in London. We're about to show you how to blow dry relaxed hair before we put on the ceramic tongs, so that we can get the roots straight. Okay, so what you're seeing here is an example of how I would blow dry relaxed, Afro hair.

This is hair that has been relaxed with a chemical relaxer. To finish, I don't blow dry with the dryer and the comb attachment, I blow dry it with the blow dryer and the brush. A rounded, natural bristle brush would be best.

Make sure you allow yourself the right amount of tension when wrapping the hair around the brush. Angle the dryer so you're going underneath the section of hair twice to straighten the root, once on top, and once you've done this, you can roll down the hair shaft, and you should find that the hair is dry and straight from the root to the tip. Again, I'll show you, underneath, so you're blowing the root up twice, over the top.

Again, this gets the root, and then you begin to do your roll down the shaft to get the rest of the length of the hair straight. Now, blow drying with this technique does two things. One, it allows you to concentrate on the roots, so they don't end up overheating with the tongs later on.

Two, it allows natural bounce and lift. With the client's hair, as you can see, I'm going underneath to blow out the root from the bottom to the top. .