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How To Blow Dry Curly Hair To Straight

How To Blow Dry Curly Hair To Straight

This VideoJug details how to blow dry curly hair straight. The film describes the process for hair from frizzy to wavy, and describes the proper tools and techniques. This guide is great for anyone trying to get that salon look at home.

First of all, you need to section off the hair and I'm going to start in the nape area. And it's a good idea to use either a straightening balm or a heat protection spray. I'm choosing to use a heat protection spray today.

This will protect the hair against any damage. When you're blow drying hair straight, it's a really good idea to use a large bristle brush, and I'm using one that's half bristly and half nylon because I'm using medium textured hair. And that's the most gentle sort of brush that you can use on this sort of hair.

I'm using a nozzle as well because that will keep the hair flow really directional and I'm only drying the hair that I want to dry at the time. Also remember, the hair is like fish scales in the cuticle area so you need to blow dry in one direction going down the hair shaft, and that will keep your hair looking smooth as well. So as I'm going down the hair shaft, you take it right to the ends and you do it until the hair's actually dry.

If the hair's got any moisture left in there, it's going to bounce up with curl again. Once I've finished blow drying that section, then I can move on to my next. And if you really want your hair to be poker straight, I would finish off with some flat irons afterwards.

But I would still use more heat protection spray before I use that as well. The frizzier your hair is naturally, it's going to, you need to dry it from really wet. If your hair is not very frizzy and it's just a little bit wavy, you can blast dry all your hair first and then you just take the last 20 percent of the moisture out.

In this case, we half blow dry the hair first, and then we finish off taking the last 20 percent of the moisture out with using the hair dryer and the brush. And it's really important not to blow dry the hair up in that direct because what you'll do is you'll open up the cuticle and the hair will be really fluffy and that's not what you want. You want to create a nice smooth finish like this area here.

And that's how you blow dry curly hair straight. .