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How To Blow Dry Hair

How To Blow Dry Hair

How To Blow Dry Hair: In this tutorial, top London stylist Andrew Jose gives easy to follow advice on how to set your short haircut off to its greatest advantage merely by blow drying it.

Hello. My name's Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. With short hair, the nice thing to do is to find the natural movement in the hair.

Often, the haircut that you will have will be much more distinct, so it's very, very easy to follow. There are a couple of good rules. First of all, have the right equipment.

I tend to favor using a vent brush when I'm doing short hair, because it doesn't disguise the movement too much and it allows the air to pass quickly through. Makito's hair has just been shampooed, so it'™s absolutely full of water. So the first thing we do is just to blast through the hair and get rid of all the excess water.

Now the hair's eighty percent dry. This is the best time to put on the styling product. Makito's hair is very straight, so I'm going to use Boost Volumizer, which will just give me a deep shine in the hair, and also a little bit of root lifting and control.

The best way to apply it is simply to give a halo of mist around the hair, which just very, very lightly will give us the amount of control that we need. Again, taking my hair dryer now, and now I use a brush, and I'm going to use the vent brush to keep that same feeling of a light control and a light blow dry right through the hair. The final touch, Makito has a light layer all the way through her hair, so a lovely way of finishing that is then to take away the nozzle and then just blast the outside of the hair, which just shows all the lovely detail in her haircut.

There we are: done. How to blow dry short hair