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How To Blow Dry Hair With A Natural Wave

How To Blow Dry Hair With A Natural Wave

VideoJug calls on hairdressing expert Richard Ashforth, previous Creative Director of Vidal Sasoon, to show you how to use a diffuser to blow dry hair to achieve natural curls. Blow dry your hair to create a natural wave with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: Comb hair

Comb hair through to lose tangles

Step 2: Apply some product

Use a combination of thick everyday conditioning treatment and mousse to give shine and aid styling.

Step 3: Comb

Comb product through to ensure even distribution avoiding build up of product which can cause a dry or itchy scalp. Use fingers to squeeze the product into ribbon sections.

Step 4: Dry with diffuser

Work the diffuser through the hair at low speed and plenty of heat being careful to dry hair in unison rather than in sections

Step 5: Tip head upside down

In order to create volume and allow more air circulation in the root area turn head upside down and place hair in diffuser.

Step 6: Massage hair to break up product

Use finger-tips to massage the curls and break up the product to return hair to a more natural state. Stop dying before hair is completely dry to avoid it going fluffy.