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How To Blow Dry Layered Hair

How To Blow Dry Layered Hair

How To Blow Dry Layered Hair: There are a couple of tips to blow drying a layered hair style that will give it more body and show the haircut off to its greatest advantage. Learn them in this three minute tutorial from professional stylist Andrew Jose.

Hello. My name is Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. Blow drying layered hair is really one of the easiest styles that you can blow dry, but there's a couple of good things that are worth considering.

First of all, dry the hair to about eighty percent. Put through some, It's great to blow dry some product into the hair, so using a volumizing mousse like JLife Swell is fantastic, because that will just give you a volume right the way through. But then, when it comes to detailing, layers have their own particular thing, so make sure that once you've got a basic dry in place that then you add some detail into the layers by taking a small section and really drying it firmly in place, and not being afraid to give it a bend or a twist that's a little bit separate from the rest of the haircut, so that you can see the detailing right through.

Take the hair from side to side, so bend it the opposite way, again rolling the brush just twisting and turning around. And just do that around the head going first one way, and then the other. And what you're doing is you're starting to show off the technique that's in your haircut, and you're showing the separation right the way through.

Twist and turn, again and around. Once you've blow dried that kind of movement into the hair, then just to finish off, just put the blow dryer on a soft speed and just lightly run it through the hair. Just free-style it all the way through.

And then all of those bends and those curls can just be exaggerated right through so that you can have texture and movement that can be as tousled or as sleek as you want it to be. So: how to blow dry layered hair.