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How To Blow Dry Long Hair

How To Blow Dry Long Hair

How To Blow Dry Long Hair: Long hair looks beautiful when styled well. Just follow some important instructions for that perfect hair.

Hello, my name is Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. .I have been hairdressing for over 20 years and today, we are going to show you how to blow dry your hair.

How to blow dry long hair? First of all, shampoo and condition the hair so that you have nice smooth hair without tangles. Secondly, put in your parting. Thirdly, have the correct brush.

If in doubt, ask your hairdresser which is the right brush for the hairstyle that you have got. I want this hair to be quite smooth for this style, so I have chosen two brushes. The first is a Denman brush and the second is a paddle brush.

Each of these makes drying hair straight very easy. Last thing which helps a lot is of course, a clip. So I take the hair and you will notice that it is not dripping wet.

I have just squeezed all the excess moisture out of the hair so that the hair is damp and manageable but still, it is not soaking wet which will make drying very hard. You want to dry your hair in sections, so take the hair backwards, comb hair out and clip away. You can see with the first section of hair, it is very easy for the hairbrush to come through the hair and to travel down through.

There is not too much hair, you want to take sections of around a centimeter or half an inch to three quarters of an inch. Always try and keep the hairbrush and the hairdryer travelling together because then, the air is drying the hair but it is also smoothing as we go. Never move on to the next section until you are absolutely certain that the section you are working on is completely dry.

Now if in doubt, always use the part of the back of your hand because it is more sensitive than the front of your hand which can get little bit warm or sweaty while you are blow drying. So always just put the knuckle on the hair and you will feel whether or not that section is already dry. As I come to the back of the head, then you will see that I am now using the paddle brush.

This is because I have a larger area of hair, the greatest weight of hair and of course, it is good then to use the flatest surface of the brush. So same technique, part the hair, put it across the brush and again point the hairbrush and the dryer together so that the brush and the dryer move in tandem together coming down through the hair, and you can see that the base of the brush or the soft bristles of the brush just smooth the hair so well and gives it great control right away through to the ends of the hair. The first blow dry that is on longer hair that is straight without movement using the paddle brush and the Denman brush, again a natural movement to the hair which has left the hair looking shiny and just a small amount of detailing right away through the hair.