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How To Blow Dry Men's Hair

How To Blow Dry Men's Hair

How To Blow Dry Men's Hair: This VideoJug film explains the basics of blow drying and styling men's hair and includes recommendations for how to keep your hair under control.

Hi, I'm Edward from Andrew Jose's Hair Salon, and this is how to blow dry men's hair. And so far, obviously, you need to have a hair dryer and then you need to have a comb like so, with a fine tooth and a wide tooth. When you're blow drying, you blow dry straight down, all over the head to bring it all forward.

It's just to make it smoother. And then start to go in the direction to go to the left. Try to take out most of the excess of the water.

And depending on your hair length, and hair type, I would generally use a round brush about this wide. You could even go smaller, if you would like. And this is just to get a bit more smoother.

Obviously, when you're blow drying your own hair, it's a bit harder to get to the back. So just try to concentrate on the front, just all the way back to the crown where it's a bit easier. And then after you have had it on the hot air, just put it on to the cool air.

This is how to set it. And with towels here, you can use quite a lot of products. You could use a gel, you could use a wax, you can even use a tiny spray of.

I'm just going to use a wax on it. Just spread it evenly on your hand. When you're applying a wax, it's best to do it in circular motions, just until you spread it a bit more evenly.

So, I mean literally, it could take you 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much hair you have, how thick your hair is. And generally approach it with a comb first so that you get a smooth finish. Just because it's easier, the way your hair sits.

It just looks a bit better. So there you go. That's how to blow dry a guy's hair.