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How To Blow Flames Like A Dragon

How To Blow Flames Like A Dragon

Safe, non-toxic method for fire breathing. We use no dangerous chemical. Infact the fuel is food. Anybody - even you - can learn to blow fire balls. This is a great little party trick. Everyone loves fire.

Step 1: Get a mouthful of corn starch

Get as much corn starch is your mouth as you can hold.

Step 2: Take a deep breath

Obviously you should inhale through your nose.

Step 3: Light the flame source

I used a cotton ball soaked in camping fuel. Alcohol or gasoline would also work. You can even use matches, but it take some practice to not blow the match out before the corn starch is ignited.

Step 4: Blow the corn starch at the flame

Blow as deeply as you can. The more corn starch you can blow out of you mouth, the bigger the flame.