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How To Bob For Apples

How To Bob For Apples

Learn how to do this classic Halloween game which is loads of fun. We give you tips on how to catch the apples in your teeth, to get you into the spirit of Halloween.

Step 1: You will need

  • You and your friends
  • A large bowl of water - a washing up bowl is good, or a big pot like this
  • Lots of apples
  • Some towels
  • And a row of lovely big gnashers

Step 2: Set up

To begin with, place a number of apples in the large bowl of water.

Step 3: Start bobbing

Take turns to try and catch one of the apples using only your teeth. You're not allowed to use your hands! So each player must have their hands behind their backs at all times. Harder than you think isn't it? The person who catches an apple in the quickest time is the winner, and gets to eat the apple. If you can, try and catch the apple by its stalk.

Step 4: Clean up

Once you've had a go, grab a towel to dry yourself.

Step 5: Variations

The game can be made more challenging by putting fewer and larger apples in the tub that won't fit in your mouth easily. Use smaller and softer apples to make it easier for little children to have a go.