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How To Body Paint

How To Body Paint

This video teaches tips and tricks on how to body paint from professional body painter, Kat Sinclair. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a traditional "heart and arrow tattoo" on the arm. We will also learn how to add detail and highlighting to the design to make it more professional looking.

Hello, my name is Kat Sinclair. I am a professional Face Painter, I've been painting for eight years, I'm going to show you some tips, tricks and techniques for doing your own face painting at home. I'm going to show you how to do some body painting.

To do a whole body from top to bottom will take 4 hours or so. So we're just going to do a small part, which is the top of this gentleman's arm. And I'm going to show you quite a popular design, if you'll just hold your arm out, just a little bit.

So you may have seen this sort of design in tattoos. We're just going to do a heart, like so, nice and neat. Just paint that in, in red and then we're going to do a sword sticking through the heart so we're going to need to do that in silver.

Sticking out of the heart there, and into the heart here, and it's got quite an interesting pummel design, if you'll just turn a bit more towards the camera. So I'm doing the pummel design here, with it sticking out of the heart and it's got the grip of the sword here. Then I'm going to add some detail with black.

So pick up some black on the brush and make sure it's got a nice point by twisting it in the paint. Then, we're going to do the outline of the heart. Just do it quite thinly so it looks quite cartoonish.

And where this sword's sticking in, do this little zig so it looks like its going through the heart. Then, we'll just do a little detail on the sword, like that. And some detail on the pummel.

Just outline it really thinly. And then, we're going to do some ribbons coming out of it like this. Oops, he's a bit hairy.

Where there is hair on the body, if you're doing the whole body paint you'll probably get them to shave top to toe but for a small design, just push the brush through the paint, through the hair. And try to get a nice smooth end on it there. And finally, I'm just going to add a bit of highlighting to the heart and to the sword.

Just where the light would be hitting it, and unto to the ribbon coming out as well. That's a quick body painting design. .