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How To Boost Your Car's Remote Key Power

How To Boost Your Car's Remote Key Power

Here is a video showing VideoJug users how to hack into your car's remote key, to increase it's range and power.

Step 1: Open Up The Remote

I found a really simply way to increase the range of your car's wireless remote key file. Take your remote off your keychain and using a small screwdriver gently pry apart the case. It should come apart fairly easily but try not to mangle it all up.

Step 2: Sand The Top Of The Antenna

Now once you are inside, you have to locate the antenna. It's either a small round or a small square flat surface. I took some 800 grit sandpaper and gently sanded the top surface of the antenna.

Step 3: Form A Loop Using A Wire

Then you want to find a little piece of wire about two inches long and form it in a loop. Trim back a small portion of the insulation and then sodder that in onto the top of the transmitter. Make sure the wire fits in snugly and won't come in contact with anything and then close the remote up.

Step 4: Test

When I tested this, I was able to get an additional fifty feet out of my remote. It's pretty simple to do and works great. So give it a try.