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How To Boost Your Phone Battery

How To Boost Your Phone Battery

Your mobile phone battery dying can be hugely frustrating. If you need an extra boost from your battery you have come to the right place! From special Nokia features to general battery saving tips, this guide will help to keep juice in your mobile phone, and your handset working longer than you thought possible!

Step 1: General energy saving tips

Start with the basics. If you aren't using your phone (over night for example), then turn it off. Do the same if you have no signal, as it takes a lot of juice to search for one. Turn off the vibrate when you don't need it, dim or turn off the backlight, and disable the bluetooth. And don't go wasting energy messing about with games and the internet. Most modern phones have a Lithium Ion battery, which should never be discharged completley.

Step 2: Turn off 3G

Most modern phones are equipped with 3G, meaning you can make video calls. Your phone will probably be set up to search for both 3G and standard GSM signals. So head into your phone settings and find the option to turn off 3G. This will leave your phone to concentrate on just a GSM signal, saving precious battery power, and even boosting your signal.

Step 3: Nokia 30% gain

Nokia handsets allow you to change the rate codec (aka the call sound quality). Entering *#4720# is the half rate codec code, which lowers the sound quality, but gives a whopping 30% more call time from the battery. Just type the code and press call. To reset the phone to normal, just dial *#4720*.