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How To Boost Your Phone Signal

How To Boost Your Phone Signal

One of the most frustrating things with mobile phones is a lack of signal. If weak signal on your mobile handest bothers you, here is a simple antenna you can make to boost your phone reception. Perfect for making contact if you are in a tight spot.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Some insulated wire
  • A ruler
  • A skewer
  • And some wire cutters.

Step 2: The wire

Measure out 20 cm or your wire, which you can get from any DIY store. Next, measure 5cms of your wire, and bend at this point to a right angle.

Step 3: The Coil

From the point that the wire bends, wrap it neatly around a skewer five times. You can then pull the skewer carefully from the loops. This forms the antenna.

Step 4: Finishing touches

From the long end of the wire, measure and bend at 2cm from the end, then strip the wire 1cm from the end. Pull on the wire either side of the coils so that they pull apart slightly, they should be about 3mm apart each.

Step 5: Insert

On the back of most mobile phones you should find a rubber plug, which covers an external antenna port. Remove the plug and insert your makeshift antenna. You should notice an increase in signal.

Keep this in your glove box and it could be just what you need next time you break down!