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How To Bowl Leg Spin

How To Bowl Leg Spin

A spinner can be a potent weapon for his side, and leg spin, when done right, can take a lot of wickets. Here VideoJug shows you how to bowl leg spin in cricket, so that you'll be bowling like Shane Warne by next week!

Step 1: You will need

  • A cricket ball
  • A wicket to aim at
  • A measured pitch

Step 2: Gripping the ball

The grip for spin bowling is very different from seam bowling.
The seam turns from vertical to horizontal in the grip

Step 3: Finger position

The middle joints of the index, middle finger and third finger are well spread across the seam.
The little finger and thumb are not involved

Step 4: Spinning it

With leg spin you are looking to rotate or spin the ball from your third finger to your forefinger

Step 5: Release

With leg spin the ball is released from the back of the hand
Flick the wrist so that the palm of the hand finishes facing downwards

Step 6: Aim

You should aim to bowl the ball outside the off stump. If you bowl too wide of the leg stump the batsman may dispatch your ball to the boundary on the off side. It is often described as wrist spin because, unlike off spinners, the revolutions of the ball are generated by the wrist rather than the fingers. Your bowling arm should remain straight throughout the release - if your arm is bent it will be deemed illegal and a no-ball will be called

Step 7: Ready to play