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How To: Boxing Techniques For Beginners

How To: Boxing Techniques For Beginners

Physical trainer, Dan Roberts, of the Dan Roberts Training, London, shows some techniques to do shadow boxing for beginners by demonstrating several punching styles.

In this video, we're going to go through some boxing techniques for beginners. Now, if you're a beginner, before you get gloves, and before you start sparring and using bags, best thing to do is shadow boxing. Shadow boxing is just you, by yourself, in the front of a mirror, you can practice some techniques, and no one's going to judge you or laugh at you, and you can just practice in your own time.

Now, I am going to go through the main punches. We have the jab; jab is to extend your arm. Now, to get a proper boxing power behind it, we have to rotate the hips, like that, rotate.

Then, we have the cross; the cross is basically exactly the same as the jab, it's just on your stronger side, assuming that you are right handed. Next, we have the hook; the hook is just a swing, big swing around, and I'm not just using my arms, I'm using my hips to rotate around. And finally, we have the uppercut; uppercut aims for the underneath of one's jaw.

So, you bend down and expand, bend down and expand, again, the hips are moving. Couple of important things in shadow boxing, first of all, when you're punching, the other hand should always be up protecting your face, so you're gaining a good habit before you start sparring. Always come back to protect your face.

And also, the placement of the punch, even if I'm not hitting the real target, I'm still aiming for the same space. So, I'm imagining this is a tennis ball, or maybe a football, about 2 feet in front of me where my nose is. So, right there, I'm looking at the spot, and whatever move I do, I'm hitting that spot.

I'm not just punching wildly, that doesn't really teach that much. So, I recommend going in front of the mirror and just practicing these punches out. Mix all up, maybe two left jabs, with one right hook, couple of uppercuts, doesn't matter, just mix it up.

It probably looks like this initially, if you just try to practice techniques, and while you look in the mirror, you can see how much the body moves. You can check if you're dropping the hands, remember it needs to stay up. You can check various things out, and after a while, maybe after a week or so, you start speeding up.

You do half an hour a day, you start speeding up, so you get a little bit more professional looking. And there are my tips on how to do some boxing techniques if you are a beginner. .