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How To Braid Black Hair

How To Braid Black Hair

This Videojug film shows you how to braid black hair in a tidy and consistent manner, for you to have fun and skills with this hairstyle.

Hi, welcome to the Braiding Lounge Academy. My name is Lauralyn. We're going to be demonstrating some techniques on different hairstyles today on Afro hair and European hair.

I'm about to show you how to do a single plait in black hair. Okay, so we're going to take a first section of the hair, a single strand. This is the strand you're going to connect the hair extension to.

Split one side of the extension into the hair and begin the braid once it gets in the scalp, and then continue to fold the hair in, flat against the scalp. Now, you know as I said fold, I didn't say pull. This is supposed to be a fold, wire them and knot, we don't want to distress the client.

We'll continue this all the way down the back of the head, and there, if you need to add another piece of extension, this is how you do it. Continuing to keep your hands at right angle to the hair, so you help pulling any hairs from any area that should not be coming from because the comfort should be of utmost importance. Continue down to the end of the hair, and then you're going to begin your single plait technique all the way down to the back of the hair shaft.

We'll continue the free strands all the way down to the hair. Now, you may fold the hair to make it at one side thicker near the plait consistently. Continue to do this.

The more used you get to doing a plait, the more you'll be able to judge when and where to split the hair. Now, we're going to continue the plait and how to end the plait, always keeping your braid consistent, not too tight, not too loose. What I've showed you is the free strand natural black hair plait, single plait.

You can see you can take the plait from the outside, you put over the one in the middle, and the strand from the opposite side, put it over the middle or you can do it the other way around which is taking strands from the outside, put it underneath the middle strands and continue on all the way to the end of the plait. It depends when you want an in-ing or outtie plait. .