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How To Braid Hair Extensions

How To Braid Hair Extensions

What else can you do with your hair extensions? Watch this video to learn a great technique for braiding your hair extensions.

Hi. Today, we will be talking about a very popular trend, hair trend, braids. I will explain how to do the braid, which will be going from the side, right-hand side, all the way across, all the way around to the left-hand side.

So, basically, you start by taking three small sections of the hair and start braiding from the bottom to the top, and you go back with the top section, you take slightly more hair from the bottom and lifting it on top of the top strand. That style will be good for any occasion, you can combine the braid into the evening style, into the beach style, into the just-to-look-nice trendy up-do, or something that you can do just for work, really, if you need to wear your hair up for work. You do it all the way around, and you continue to the left-hand side.

It's a very nice neat look. If you want it to look more messy, the messy braids look very in, they are very in this season, then just make it a little bit more loose. And now, we braid it all, all the hair, most of the hair, to the side, and I think a good way to finish this style would be to do a side ponytail which I have been all the way for spring and summer.

It's a nice style for a summer day when you want to keep your hair up but make it just a little bit more interesting. You can make it as high as you like, or as low, and again, you can make it a little bit messier here by just pulling all the little bits, like that, just pull it out a little bit. It's more casual.

And that's how you braid hair extensions.