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How To Breakdance For Beginners

How To Breakdance For Beginners

Breakdancing is fun, fast-paced, and certain to impress your friends! If you want some extra street cred or you just want to figure out how they do that, check out this video from VideoJug! Basic breakdance moves are broken down step by step for beginners to learn and practice.

In this video, I'm going to show you basic breakdancing and it's going to consist of three moves, and I'm going to teach you a bit about the history of these moves. First of all, it's stuff up top, Top Rock. It started off in America in the Bronx.

Basically, they used to have massive parties in the street. This is where it all generated from, and this used to be all of what breakdancing started off as. It used to be everything up top.

So, first of all, you need to have your feet together. You've got to have slightly bent knees and you've got to have a straight stomach and keep your head up. If you look at your feet, it doesn't look like you're doing it properly.

So, you have feet together, knees bent, back, stomach and chest up, shoulders back, head up. All you're going to do is pick up your right foot, like so. We'll just do the feet for now.

You're going to step across and forward so that your back foot is up off the ground, but with your toe still on the ground. You're going to bend both knees and place your weight in the middle. Then you're going to step back off and bring it together.

You're going to do the exactly the same, but with the left foot. Step, and back in. This is called the Indian step.

What we do with our arms every time that you're in the middle, you keep your arms in. They can be anywhere in the center. They can be down here, under your chin or in your chest.

When you step up and go out, you swing your arms out. Your hands have to be strong. Don't have them floppy or fists, big and strong.

You've got to have presence. When you step in, you come back in. So we're going to do four of them.

You're going to go one, two, three, four. Now, we're going to do a drop. When you do a drop, it's a very basic move.

You're going to have slightly wider feet than you were. You're going to push your knees forward and you're going to drop back. So, you're going to push and drop.

Your left hand comes up; your right hand goes down. You can do it the other way around depending what handed you are. So, again, you've just come in from four.

Four and step, knees forward and drop. This is where breakdancing changed in the Bronx. They started doing floor moves.

They invented drops and they started doing certain spins and flips and freezes. Today, I'm going to show you how to do what's called a "CC". When you do a CC, you're on your hands and your feet, your back, and stick one foot out.

Place both hands back and slightly bend this knee. You're going to roll on your foot. It's going to roll to the side.

You're going to touch your knees, keep this hand up, lift yourself up and come back down. Place the hand again. Again, that's roll the foot, touch the knees and up.

Place back down. Then to change, you swap your legs in a hop, exactly the same on the other side. Roll the foot, touch the knee, hand goes up, flip, and down.

So it should look like this. That's your CCs. So, all together, you've got Top Rock, one, two, three, four.

Step wide, drop, place, one two. Then, freeze if you wanted to. That was breakdancing for beginners. .