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How To Breastfeed In Public

How To Breastfeed In Public

Welcome to the mommy club! And kudos for breastfeeding! You've probably been cooped up in the nursery for the last few months, so it's time for you and the baby to get out and into the world! Stroller-check! Baby gear-check! Breasts full of milk-check! From baby-friendly venues to knowing your public breastfeeding rights, Videojug is here to help new mommies get comfy with nursing in public.

Step 1: Know Your Rights

Modern day society loves its cleavage but the public can easily become riled up by the glimpse of a nursing breast so before you undo your breastfeeding bra, know your rights!

When it comes to nursing in the United States, breastfeeding is not considered indecent exposure. You may freely feed your child and expose your breasts in public places except venues that children or yourself are expressly forbidden. So no nursing your baby in the over 21 nightclub…

If someone dares asks you to leave or to move to a degrading and dirty toilet stall, remind them that it is your right to breastfeed in a public place where you and your baby are legally allowed to be.

Step 2: Be prepared

If this is one of your first outings, bring someone - a friend, your mom, or your significant other - for support and pick familiar places.

It is perfectly legal to expose your breasts when nursing your child but if you want to bring a shawl, scarf, or baby blanket to cover you and your child, practice at home before your outing. Babies love to kick off blankets and they want to see what's happening, too.

Wear layered and light clothing along with your easy-to-open-with-one-hand breastfeeding bra.

Keep your gear minimal. We know you won't on your first outing and will probably bring the entire nursery with you, but try to since it will keep the flustering to a low.

Step 3: Location, location, location

Remember, safety first. No matter where you decide to breastfeed, always pick a location that is safe for you and your baby. There is a vulnerability factor because your focus is usually on your baby and your breast.

The Mall.
Benches and places to rest are great places to stop and feed your baby. Just relax and do some people watching.

Some malls have designated rooms other than the bathrooms for breastfeeding. Sometimes they are called family rooms or mothers rooms. Look for the universal symbol for breastfeeding as a friendly place to nurse.

If you do want some privacy, go to a quiet store and take a couple of items to try on
in a dressing room.

The Eatery.
Outside cafes, noisy diners, even the food courts are great places to give it a go. These are casual eating venues so if the baby cries or fusses, no one will mind. Remember, you are using up to 500 extra calories a day to make milk so mom's gotta eat!

The Park.
Whether it's a beach or a playground, the park is a good standard. Watch for bad
weather and watch for weirdos. Choose a safe and busy location.

The Car.
Parking lots can be dangerous so park near an attendant or near lots of foot traffic.
And don't do a Britney-whenever the car is in motion, the baby must be strapped in
their babyseat.

Do like the pros and strap the baby into a carrier or sling and you can feed AND
grocery shop at the same time. Heaven! Just be careful to not drop baby or
accidentally bump baby's head into anything.