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How To Breathe Properly When Running

How To Breathe Properly When Running

How To Breathe Properly When Running: One of the most essential points to bear in mind when running is how to breathe properly. We should ensure that our lungs receive sufficient air during this activity. This video reminds us that to do this, we need to breathe through both our mouth and our nose, not just one but both.

Hi. My name is Richardo Macedo, Im a personal trainer from R Fitness in Kensignton. I'm here today, I'm going to give you some good tips and show you how to do some exercise, a few guidelines how to do it and how not to do it.

We are based in Kensington, London, 62 Penbrook Road, W8. You can find us on the web at www.r-fitness.

co.uk. Let's get down to the exercise and let me show you some new things.

Hey, we are back. One question everybody keeps on asking: How do I breathe when I run? Simple. A lot of people think you should breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

That's not true. When you run, your muscles need oxygen, so you need to allow the air to enter through both. Through your nose and through your mouth.

The more oxygen you take, the more oxygen your muscles get in, so the better your performance. And simply, your nose cannot deliver enough oxygen to your muscles. So your legs, in order to move, needs to breathe, needs air, needs oxygen, needs fuel.

So therefore, you need to use both. When you are breathing, when you're running, try to use your diaphragm, in other words, your belly. So deep breaths in your belly, like inhale, for there it is going to allow you to perform better.

If you take a deep breath using your lungs, your chest, it's not going to be enough. So the right way to breathe is using your diaphragm. A lot of the top athletes on those days, they are doing like pilates because there works the cord and works the breathing, the internal organs.

So it's been proven by top runners to improve the breathing and then improve their performance. That's very simple, I hope you got all that and may I see you run some day in the park. See you soon.