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How To Breathe When Singing

How To Breathe When Singing

The most basic technique when it comes to singing is breathing. This video teaches you how to breathe for better control and quality of your voice.

Hi, I'm Sonia Jones. I'm a professional singing teacher and I'm going to give you tips and advice on how to sing. Breathing.

There are many breathing techniques. Every teacher has their own favourite. Mine is definitely using the breath.

When a baby's born, they breathe naturally and from the diaphragm and filling the back. As we get older, we forget the way to breathe. So, I'm going to show you how this one works and with the scales.

So, this first breathing technique is we're going to do a, e, and o, and believe in me, they're quite difficult. So, here we go, Abel. So, that was without a breath and that really takes a lot of technique.

Okay, the way I teach my singers to breathe, is it's very much like the way you breathe in yoga. So, it's really breathing as if you're sucking the air off from the floor, from down here, and fill all your lings up. It opens here so you've got total control of your breath.

Another way if a lot of people don't get this is very easy once you're used to it. But if you put your hands up and stretch as high as you can and breathe from down here, you've got all your back, it's all filled, and all your support ready for your song. So, now, we're going on to phrasing and how to use the breathing when you're singing a song.

A good tip I was given was when I look at the lyrics, I look at the phrase and then I put a tick where I'm going to breathe until I get used to it because so many people, when they're singing, forget to breathe. So, let me give you an example. “There's a hero when you look into your heart, you don't have to be afraid…” and etc.

So, you noticed I was breathing after every phrase so I was filling up, keeping my shoulders down so you could really see me breathing.