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How To Build A Mini Greenhouse

How To Build A Mini Greenhouse

How To Build A Mini Greenhouse: In this video, Mike Jackson is going to show you how simple it is to build your own mini greenhouse, and give you some useful gardening tips.

Hello. I'm Mike, and welcome to Camden Garden Centre. I'm going to give you some help with some gardening advice.

A mini greenhouideal for putting on a patio or a balcony if you're restricted for space is so easy to assemble. Everything just push-fits together, no tools needed. And that's it, and you can see it's got four trays for the plants to go on as well.

And now, the cover for it. And then, this panel just zips down. And then, in the warmer months during the daytime, you can unzip the flap at the front all the way to the top, enough to get air in there and expose the seedlings to sunshine.

And that's a little tray of seedlings to go in. What's probably a good idea is, everyday rotate the different trays of seedlings, so this one on top which is getting the most light will go to the bottom. And so you would move them around everyday, so that the seedlings will all get equal amounts of light.

Clearly, the seedlings on the bottom shelf will be in the darkest place, and seedlings need lots of light. So, if you keep rotating the seedlings, then you'll get better results. And that's it, couldn't be easier.

That's how to make a mini greenhouse.