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How To Build A Ridge Support For Runner Beans

How To Build A Ridge Support For Runner Beans

Perfect for long vegetable patches, a bamboo ridge support structure will help your runner bean crops to grow healthy and strong. Tom Cole, head of horticulture and landscaping at Capel Manor College, shows us how to construct a sturdy A-Frame based structure, to create a ridge support for your runner beans.

Step 1: You will need

  • Some garden twine
  • 8ft long bamboo canes

Step 2: Building the structure

It is best to construct your frame before planting your crop. Firstly decide how many plants you want to grow, you will need one bamboo cane per plant.

Start by creating two parallel rows of canes, the distance between the rows should be roughly 1 metre. The space between each cane should be 50cms. Insert each cane at least 20cm into the soil. Once you have done this, pull two opposing canes together, and tie them securely with the garden twine. Make sure you measure a long piece of twine to do this, as you will need to tie all the canes with the same piece. The twine should be tightly stretched in-between the pairs of canes. Once you have secured every pair, lay one last cane on top. Cut the twine in-between the canes, and use it to tie the last cane to the structure.

Step 3: Encouraging growth

To encourage the tendrils to wrap around the canes, you need to provide the plant with something on which to grip. Wrap twine around the canes about half way up the structure in order to provide this.