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How To Build Arm Muscle

How To Build Arm Muscle

Everyone wants those endearing, sculpted arms, but working to get them can be tough. With these easy to follow and straightforward steps, you can get those beautiful biceps and tantalizing triceps that impress.

Hi, my name is Nick Mitchell. I'm the owner of Ultimate Performance Personal Training here in London. Today, we are going to talk about how to build muscle.

We are going to look at various different topics and cover everything that we can to help get you the muscle mass, the muscle development that you want, and to give you all the little tricks of the trade that help makes this personal training business here, the best in the business. Today, we are going to talk about how to build arm muscles. Too many people come to me and say, "Nick, I want to get bigger arms, I want to get bigger arms, but I don't want to put on weight.

" Well, if I could wave a magic wand and not let that happen, I would but it's impossible. You've really got to look to put on at least ten pounds of muscular body weight to add an inch to your arms. So, my arms are probably about nineteen to twenty inches in circumference here, but I weigh about eighteen stone.

You're not going to get arms, you're not going to get nineteen-inch guns or whatever it is if you weigh twelve stone. So, I'm going to quantify everything I've said by saying you have to do all the basics, you have to lift the heavy weights, and you have to train your whole body, and you have to eat correctly. However, there are certain exercises that are particularly good for developing arms.

Looking at biceps first, you must remember, we have the biceps at the front and the triceps at the back of the arm, here. I would always pick two exercises for my biceps. I would pick an exercise that would work the long head of the bicep, basically allows us to put the bicep in a stretch position, and would want something that works the belly of the bicep.

One of my favorite exercises for working the bicep, we can just set up here on this bench. Put the bench on an incline. Grab some hugely, hugely heavy dumbbells.

Sit back, head back, arms go back, you keep the forearms pointed at the ground, you supinate the wrists this way so you don't allow them to go like this, and you just come up like this. So you come up to here, you straighten the arms, you stretch your going to feel it stretching them, burning the biceps. And then you squeeze it up.

What you don't do, you don't do this: you don't start throwing the weights up, you want to contract the biceps, so it's this. Up. Squeeze.

Down. Squeeze and stretch. It's almost useful for you to think squeeze and stretch.

You're squeezing a muscle, and then you're stretching it on the way down. This can apply to any type of training in any type of body part that you work, by the way. This is one exercise.

I would then go to an exercise that works part of the forearm and the brachialis here. To do this, you either take a reverse grip or you take a hammer grip. And again, all that you do, you can lock your arms at your side here, shoulders back, always get a good posture.

Squeeze up; control down. Squeeze up; control down. Now, I'm turning my head to talk to the camera, but really if I was doing this by myself properly, I'd be stood here or even sat, shoulders back: squeeze up; control down.

Squeeze up; control down. Use a weight you can control. This for me is quite light.

If for you it's heavy, it doesn't matter, it's not important. Your muscles don't know how much weight you're lifting. It's all about stimulating, it's all about getting your mind into your muscle.

So those are the two bicep exercises I was going to do. In terms of tricep movements, again, I would do a stretch movement; a good stretch movement is an Overhead French Press, you can use a dumbbell, you can use a barbell, or you can use a cable. My personal favorite is a cable, but we've gotten dumbbells here.

And I'll just do this. You keep the elbows tucked in, you only straighten the arms. And all that you're moving: essentially the forearms.

And what you're doing, you should be feeling it especially in the inner head of your tricep here. As