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How To Build Big Biceps

How To Build Big Biceps

Here is a phenomenal arms workout using barbell curls. Achieve maximum strength and definition in record time. Produced by 17 times international bodybuilding champion and fitness guru Nash Jocic. More workouts at www.ultimateshape.com

Step 1: Barbell Codes

Barbell codes are the basic biceps movements and also the best size builder.

Step 2: The Right Form

Focus on the right form. And use only your biceps to lift and lower the weights.

Step 3: Your Biceps

And use only your biceps to lift and lower the weights.

Step 4: Training

Train with continuous attention without stopping until you reach the last repetition.

Step 5: Repetitions

Do three all out sets with 10 to 15 repetitions, achieving the maximum pump.

Step 6: Triceps

As soon as you finish your sets, start with triceps push downs:

Step 7: Mass Builders

These are excellent triceps mass builders, and should be done with full extensions and maximum contractions at the end of every round.

Step 8: Repetitions

Again do three sets with 10 to 15 repetitions.

Step 9: Superceps

Using one bicep and then one tricep exercise in your training you will receive optimal potential in your arm development. These are also called superceps.