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How To Build Chest Muscles Fast

How To Build Chest Muscles Fast

This video explains the importance of relying more on dumbbells to develop the chest because of the full range of motion they offer.

Hi, my name is Nick Mitchell, I'm the owner of Ultimate Performance personal training here in London. Today, we're going to talk about how to build muscle, we're going to look at various different topics and cover everything that we can to help get you the muscle mass and the muscle development that you want, and to give you all the little tricks of the trade that helps make this personal training business here the best in the business. Today, we're going to talk about the best way to build chest muscles.

What I really want to do is just dispel one myth. The most common myth that you see for men in the gym who are trying to develop their chest or their pectoral muscles is an over-reliance on the bench press. The bench press is a great exercise, it has its place, it has a role to play in, many programs and protocols for weight training, but there's something you must understand.

When you want to stimulate muscle growth, you want to work the muscle through its greatest range of motion possible. Now when you go to bench press, you lower the bar, it stops here because the bar can't go any farther, can it? So actually, the best exercise for developing the pectorals is not the flat bench press, but it would be the flat dumbbell press. What you do, you grab a pair of dumbbells.

I'm not warmed up so we will start relatively light. You go to a flat bench. You're going to assume the same position that you would assume if you were doing a bench press.

You tuck your feet behind your knees, you arch your lower back, you squeeze your glutes. What's touching the bench are your glutes, your upper shoulders, and the back of your head. You press, I prefer to keep my hands in this quite neutral position.

If you put your hands like this, it tends to over-rotate the humerus and puts the shoulder joint in a rather unstable position. So I have my hands like this, I come down, and if you look, if I was bench pressing, I would stop here, but instead I can come all the way down to here. This extra range of motion in this here allows me to stimulate more muscle fibers.

Stimulate more muscle fibers, I get better growth, I get better development. Then I come up. Now the function of the peck is not just a press up here, it's to draw the arms across, and that's the beauty of dumbbells.

You don't press up like this do you? You should press up, and the forearms start to go together, this will enable you to get a better contraction. So if you see here, I'll do a few reps, a couple reps. I'll come down controlled, nice range, I'll bring it up here.

The dumbbells don't end up here, they end up here because I'm squeezing the chest. I'm coming down and I'm stretching, and I'm squeezing. I'm stretching, and I'm squeezing, I'll do one more.

Down, squeeze up. The other advantage the dumbbells have over a barbell is it's safer. It's a unilateral movement.

It helps equalize muscle imbalances, I've not heard ever of a pec tear, pectoral tear, chest muscle tear while using dumbbells. I've heard, literally heard, as in I've heard the sound across the gym of a pectoral ripping while people have been doing bench press on a barbell. So my bit of advice for you if you want to really develop your chest muscles is to focus most of your attention, eighty percent of your attention, on using dumbbells, and twenty percent on using barbells. .