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How To Build Leg Muscle

How To Build Leg Muscle

If you would like to add muscle and tone to your legs, the Romanian deadlift and the barbell squat are the best exercises for you. In this video, you will learn how to do these two exercises to build leg muscle.

In this video, I am going to talk to you about how to build leg muscle. Now in working muscles in the lower half of the body, your legs, you have to really do two things. You have to do two different exercises.

One is a squat, the other one is the Romanian deadlift. These two are fundamental for lower body or leg muscle strength. We will start off with the Romanian deadlift.

What this does is it builds leg muscles in the back of your leg, also your glutes. Standing over the bar, legs quite straight but not locked out. My back should be completely flat like a table, standing up straight.

As always, you do all exercises slowly and controlled. One more time. That builds muscles here, back of the legs, a little bit your calves, and also your glutes - kind of all of the back part of your legs.

Now, we are going to do an exercise that works more the front of your legs but also strengthens your back and glutes as a bonus. This is a squat. Pick up the bar and rest it on my neck.

Notice my hands are wide to make it more stable. This is a similar exercise to the last one. The difference is my bottom goes a bit lower.

The movement comes from my hips and my knees as opposed to just bending my back. Big range of movement. Do it controlled and do it slowly. The Romanian deadlift and the barbell squat are two best exercises you can do to build leg muscle! .