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How To Build Paintball Bunkers

How To Build Paintball Bunkers

Paintball is a game in which players try to hit each other with capsules containing paint. It is played on a field called the game zone with players hiding behind bunkers for protection. This video describes how to build paintball bunkers in a game zone.

I am James from UK Paintball. We are just going to run through some useful tips on different things to do with your paintball day out. So let me give you some examples of a typical paintball bunker that you are going to find on your typical game zone.

So as you can see, this is a pretty standard paintball bunker or barricade that you will find on your typical paintball game zone. As you can see, the idea is you want to keep it in an area as flat as possible barring this, one here is obviously on sloping ground so we have a flat surface in there for the safety of the players when they are coming in to it or coming out of it. The idea of a barricade is both for attacking purposes and defending purposes.

So you want to build whatever you are building keeping in mind where it is on the field, like for this fort, the tower is the main emphasis of the game, so this is built keeping in mind it should be face on or square on to this tower. I therefore, as an attacking player, can use it as cover with the gap in here to effectively give you a 180 degree view of the field as an attacking player and obviously, defensively it will cover you from head to foot. What we do or what I suggest you do is nip in unused nails when you are building your barriers.

You might want to use screws just to ensure that obviously screws will keep it nice and strong and sturdy and hopefully, the wood won't splint for a while causing a problem. Okay, so this is just another type of barrier. Again, you might want to build a barrier or barricade or bunker depending on the type of game zone you are playing.

So this one, as you can see, is really designed for players to stand up. You could probably at a squeeze get maybe three people behind this one. Two coming at either side, using it as cover, to progress up the field.

Again, with this one, to keep it sturdy and to keep it strong, you really want to use some good materials. We tend to use scaffold boards which tend to last long and they are really good bits of sturdy wood. Again, all screwed in and they are embedded in the floor, you want to make it last.

You don't want someone coming rushing into it and knocking it over. You want to keep it there, it should stay there for a good while. This one is primarily designed for somebody to come in a standing position, to lay some cover down and to then progress towards one of these smaller once.

Again, good sturdy woods locked in with two poles, embedded into the floor. The idea of these ones is obviously for crouch, obviously adds a bit of dimension to the game as opposed to the standing up one's or the one's we saw previously where you are enclosed. Again, you could get a couple of players behind this one, inside obviously popping your head up.

Just gives you a different angle to the game and obviously adds to the excitement of your game play and again, just be aware of where you are putting your barricade, so that you keep it in perspective of your main target on the field. There is no point in having them randomly laid out. You need to have a look at the area that you are going to be building your barricade or where your game zone is going to be.

Then you need to really try and map out where you want them, so the players can make the best of the barricades, so they can really move up the field, almost gives the scenario of a bit of structure rather than having them to randomly find barricades. Okay, so all the barricades or bunkers that we have on the field are normally in place, are lined up to, for example a main structure on the field. Now if you are going to undertake some work like that, you really want to try and get a specialist in.

That's something that we wouldn't undertake ourselves. We would seek help in building something like that, as it would really require some serious carpentry skills. There are many different kinds of barricades, bunkers from holes in the ground to structures that we have just shown you.