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How To Build Quail Cages

How To Build Quail Cages

Mr. Nino Castellano shows us and explains to us how to build quail cages properly.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from welwynquail.com, and today I am going to talk to you about quails. How to build quail cages.

In general, all quails are kept in aviaries which are inside or outside of quarters but there are some quails like these one over here, they are Jungle Bosh, they come from India where they need sort of small quarters for the same reason their environment is very special. They must be warm and they need lots of light so therefore so I build these sort of small cages but in fact, they are not cages, they are small aviaries, and like for the quail pen, it is very simple. You go to the local store, B&Q, there would be some wood.

The size varies according to the job on hand. In these one, I got frame that is in this one and the inner frame, what you do, you make up your frame like a pen, then you make up your panel and see this is a panel as you can see. It's removable, so the question is very simple, you make out the out frames that maybe three out frames, one of the left, middle and right and we didn't make frame.

I made the inner frame with some space free and when the usual's done, I just put pieces of wood from the back from the shed like a shell on the shells they were ready. I will put on the inner frame and I made some small cages. This is how to build quail cages. .