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How To Build Your Arms & Chest At The Gym

How To Build Your Arms & Chest At The Gym

See a special bodyweight exercise you can do at the gym with added weight to build bigger arms and chest muscles .

Step 1: Space out 2 benches

Space out the benches so they'll be far enough apart that your legs are straight and knees nearly locked out

Step 2: Wrap Squat Pad Around Curl Bar

Either use a squat bar pad or some cloth for extra padding between your upper legs and the bar. Put your desired weights on the bar. Place loaded curl bar on upper legs sit down on one of the benches.Place legs up on other Bench.

Step 3: Descend down slowly

Bend elbows and come down slowly until your butt touches or almost touches the floor

Step 4: Pause at bottom for 1-to-3 seconds

The longer you pause at the bottom and/or the slower you go down will give you a better arm & chest workout

Step 5: Return to start by pushing yourself back up

For the first 3-to-5 weeks - Do this exercise twice a week (taking at least 2 days rest between workouts) and...

When doing this arm & chest exercise for the first 3-to-5 weeks do 4-to-6 sets of 8-to-12 reps - (You should notice some mass gain in your pecs, triceps, shoulders, and mid-back after your 2nd-to-3rd week) and...

After 3-to-5 weeks... You're going to use 80-to-95% of your 1-rep max and do 8-to-10 sets of 3 reps.

Your 1-rep max is the most you can lift or do on this chest & arm exercise and when you do these high number of sets and low reps like this....

You'll really start to pack on some serious arm and chest size.

Step 6: Get more help

Go to http://www.nowloss.com/how-to-build-bigger-arms-chest-shoulders-back-muscles-fast.htm to see other ways How to build bigger arms, chest, shoulders & back muscles fast or... Simply leave your comments and questions under the video so i can help your chest & arms get bigger