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How To Burn A CD Using The Zune Software

How To Burn A CD Using The Zune Software

Burning a CD means copying or recording your digital music onto a CD, and Zune software lets you burn CDs in a snap. We here at VideoJug will show you how.

Step 1: Go Blank

Insert a blank CD into your computer's CD drive.

Step 2: Be Iconic

Click the ""burn"" icon on the upper right side of your Zune interface. You'll see the large play symbol become a CD-R symbol."

Step 3: Drag And Drop

Now drag individual songs or albums into the empty space on the right side of the screen. You'll see your burn list beneath the CD-R symbol.

Step 4: Burn Baby Burn

Click the "Start Burn" button on the bottom right and you're in business. So just relax while all your favorite tracks magically make their way onto the disc.