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How To Buy A Banjo

How To Buy A Banjo

This Video informs you about the things to look for when buying a banjo and how to decide which is best for you.

I want to give you a few tips about what to look out for, when you are buying a Banjo for yourself. Obviously, an instrument or anything you buy, you will get better products for a higher price. However, there are some very good products available for a lower price.

For example, this Ashbury Banjo, which I bought for about two hundred and fifty pounds, this is a very good instrument and if you are starting out, might be the perfect solution for you. What you would need to consider is, in what situation you are going to play, are you going to play at home mainly or you are going to be playing with a band? Will you need an resonator on the back which this does have one. This is a open back Banjo, and when you have to have a marked up for playing in a loud band these are all the things you need to consider in Banjo.

This is a Fender Banjo which is going to be slightly louder and project the sound of the Banjo forward, because it has a resonator at the back. As you can hear it is slightly louder and also this one has a slightly longer neck which might, if you have small fingers, not be suitable to you. And when you look on the internet, look for may be reviews and posts and mainly go to shop and try as many Banjos as you can to find out what Banjo suits you.