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How To Buy Quail

How To Buy Quail

This video serves as your guide in buying quails. Be sure to pick up the healthy ones and to tell which is male or female.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from welwynquail.com and today I am going to talk to you about quails. Here's a very short guide on how to buy quails.

There are one or two points that you have to make sure when you buy quails, that the birds are healthy and not sick. First of all, you look at them and you make sure that they're feathery, it's shiny, and the quail itself is not puffed up. If the quail is a bit puffed up, then there's a number of reasons why that.

To start with, it could be that it's a bit cold or it's a bit off color as you say it, and they similarly can be put right. But the best thing to do when you buy a quail is to pick up the bird in your end, make sure that the breast is quite succulent and then the breastbone does not look like a razor. If you will find that in the inspection of breast, you will find that the breastbone is like a razor and there is no very much meat on the breast, the bird is not 100% which means that it has got an illness that eventually little of the time would bring her to death.

The other points to look at are the face, the eyes, if the eyes are bright and shiny, it's a sign that the bird is in good health. If the shine is a bit greyish and opaque, the bird is not very well. The other thing is that to make sure that you are not buying cocks or hens.

Usually, in most of the breeds, you can distinguish the male from the female. If we are talking like Californian, the male definitely is completely different from female. The male has got bright colors while the female is a bit dull.

Seemingly is the gambels and with the blue scale, we are going in one of these birds that you cannot tell the male from the female but there are other different techniques that you can tell. But if you into the white birds or a ranged color, the only way to tell the male from the female is when they are in breeding condition. When these birds are in breeding condition, if you check the vent, from the vent, the male has got some white excrement while the female has got none.

And that is a short guide on how to buy quails. .